Awakening of the Elements Revisited

This is the 2014 second edition of Awakening of the Elements, the word revisited added to the title to distinguish it from the first edition released in 2006 on Musea Records. This new edition is released by the band and comes in a digisleeve with 12-page booklet. Not only was the entire album remixed and remastered, the drums and strings were re-recorded live. On the 2006 edition they were programmed. These changes make this version a great improvement over the 1st edition.

Over the Islands Acoustic Guitar Demo
Over the Islands Acoustic Guitar Demo.wa[...]
Wave audio file [42.4 MB]
Paranoia Blues Demo
Paranoia Blues Demo.wav
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Exclusive website demos. Enjoy!

"Spot the difference" between 2006 and 2014 editions:

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