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1990 – meeting of the future friends and co-authors, music college students at that time, Andy Didorenko, Vassili Soloviev and Aleksandr Akimov. First creative success, collective compositions, all-night recording sessions, failed exams, and so on. The name Lost World is found and approved.

1991 – 1994 – along the same road. Two cassette albums were recorded using whatever equipment was available. Several gigs in art and music colleges.

1995 – Introduction of a new member, the singer Alexei Rybakov, found by Vasya at the Vocal Band concert in the House of Composers.

1996 – 2001 – Seven albums recorded, about 30 CD-R copies released, known to a handful of fans in the narrow underground circles. Participation in the Music for Brains concert series in winter-spring 1999.

2003 – Boheme Muisc company releases the album Trajectories – the first official CD in Lost World’s discography. Shortly before the release, Alexei Rybakov left the band.

2004 – 2006 – Appearance at the InProg 2005 and InProg 2006 festivals in Moscow. Recording of the Awakening of the Elements (Musea, 2006). Konstantin Yudin and Veniamin Rozov were recruited as permanent members of the live line-up.

Summer 2006 - Andy's depature to New York.

Winter 2008 – summer 2009 – recording of the new album Sound Source (Musea 2009). Few succesfull gigs in various Moscow clubs. Vassili has taken over vocal lines for live performances.

December 2009 - in one three-hour session the In Concert CD was recorded.

2011 – 2013 - on/off recording of the Solar Power album. Konstantin Shtiritz (InFront, Human Factor) becomes regular session drummer of the band.

2014 – reissue of the Awakening of the Elements album, including complete re-recording of the drums, strings, vital guitar and keyboard parts, total remix, remastering and repackaging.

1990-1999 line-up

Left to right: Vassili, Andy, Alex



1999-2003 line-up

With Aleksei Rybakov



2005-2010 line-up

With Veniamin Rozov (left), and Konstantin Yudin (right)




With Konstantin Shtirlitz (right)



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"...LOST WORLD covers a variety of styles, with moods ranging from dark and frenetic to gentle, romantic and pastoral. Because the pieces are generally of modest length, it never gets boring. Soft soundscapes change into riffy moments, violin interplays with flute, complex signatures and shifting moods abound..."  


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