Andy Didorenko

Sonata No.4 for violin and piano

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  1-8. Intervals 

    I. Unisons 

    II. Seconds 

    III. Thirds 

    IV. Fourths 

    V. Fifths 

    VI. Sixths 

    VII. Sevenths 

    VIII. Octaves 

  9. Reminiscence 

  10-12. Sonata No. 3 for violin and piano 

    I. Solar Power 

    II. Detached 

    III. Drums Attack 

  13-15. Simple Trio 

    I. Andante 

    II. Animato 

    III. Allegro con spirito 


Andrii Didorenko, violin

Yuliya Basis, piano

Aminda Asher, cello


Composed by Andrii Didorenko


Recorded at Lofish studios, New York, January 17th, February 25th and May 29th, 2013

Mixing and mastering by Alexandr Akimov

Produced by Akimov-Didorenko

(c) Samum Publishing, 2013


Intervals – composed September 2011 – January 2012. Recorded January 17th, 2013

Eight contrasting virtuoso caprices for violin, each based on a certain interval.


Reminiscence – started in 2009 as “Sonatina in a nostalgic mood”, but left unfinished until February 2012. Recorded February 25th, 2013


Sonata No.3 – composed February – May 2011. Recorded February 25th, 2013

All three movements, in progressive rock arrangement, were included in the Lost World Band's album Solar Power.


Simple Trio – composed April 2013. Recorded May 29th, 2013
A short piece written in an intentionally simplified, minimalistic style.    


















  Go 4 Sonatas 


 1-3. Sonata No.1 for violin and piano (2003) 

   I. Allegro con brio  

   II. Tranquillo  

   III. Allegro vivo  

 4. Sonata No.1 for solo violin (1999) 

   Lento. Allegro non troppo. Presto 

 5-8. Sonata No.2 for violin and piano (2004) 

   I. Allegro animato 

   II. Allegro con forza 

   III. Andante 

   IV. Scherzo 

 9-11. Sonata No.2 “Tongues of Flame” for solo violin             (2007) 

   I. Lento. Agitato 

   II. Molto ritmico 

   III. Vivace leggiero 

 12. Variations in G minor (2003) 

 13. “Dream a Little Dream” Variations for solo violin           (1999) 


Andrii Didorenko, violin

Yuliya Basis, piano


All music composed by Andrii Didorenko, except

“Dream a Little Dream” theme composed by Kahn-Schwandt-Andre




 Tracks 1-3, 5-8 recorded in July 2008, New York, USA

 Tracks 4, 9-11, 13 recorded in December 2013, New York, USA

 Track 12 recorded in January 2004, Tainan, Taiwan


 Cover design by Alexander Akimov

 Produced by Akimov-Didorenko

 (c) 2014, Samum Publishing, New York, USA


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