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Few clips from the Jao Da Club performance, Moscow, March 2017

Review from ProfilProg Radio

Here is the sixth official album of the Russian band since 2003, thirteenth Cd since 1996 if you count the seven house-made albums sold in the underground musical circle, fifteenth album since 1991 if you add the first two album-cassettes. The prolific duet that is Andy DIDORENKO and Vassili SOLOVIEV and which forms the nucleus of the LOST WORLD BAND haven't finished astonishing us! There are lots of references on this album: may it be HARMONIUM, KING CRIMSON, or JETHRO TULL, with bits of Frank ZAPPA or GENTLE GIANT, sometimes all mixed together or, other times, each style being packed in the music of the creative genius of this unit!  Each song is musical candy!

“Shapes and Objects” begins the album: divided into four parts (“I. Random Objects in the Sun”, “II. Moving Dots”, “III. Water Circles” and “IV. Time Squares”), the first part tends towards Jazz-Rock with a Prog touch, the second could be included without problem in a repertory of GENTLE GIANT with, as a bonus, a small touch of HARMONIUM (we hear here the voice of Andy DIDORENKO for the first time on an album since “Solar Power” in 2012), the third returns to a Progressive Jazz-Rock key but softer than the first part, and the fourth part has more rhythm and is more “aggressive”. The flute of Vassili SOLOVIEV adds colour everywhere where it is heard! “When the Time is Still” is a little mysterious and soft at the same time. “Death of Mr. Winter” is a creative madness in the style of GENTLE GIANT or Frank ZAPPA. I like! “Intertwined” is an instrumental part with acoustic guitar and bass guitar played with dash and passion: almost as if one played flamenco crossed with Manouche Jazz, an element of madness sprinkled over it! With the song “Off Things and Beings” they amalgamate KING CRIMSON with GENTLE GIANT for 51 seconds. Not bad! “Watchbird” is a Jazz-Rock more Rock than Jazz but with a Prog flavour: it reminds me of some songs made by Bill BRUFORD on his first solo albums. Intense and rhythmic. “Simple as” is divided into three parts: “I. One” is very beautiful and purified with acoustic guitars, flute, piano and a bongo to keep the rate/rhythm, “II. Two” is more rhythmic and one feels a slight urgency of the musicians, and “III. Three” is lively and brings the listener to feel as if one were in a festival. Good candy! «The Structure of Madness» is of another kind: a heavy and rhythmic Prog-Rock which brings in mind the heavy songs of KING CRIMSON but with the magical touch of the band's two genies! «On Thin Ice» is a semi-ballad which could come from bands like AMERICA or CROSBY, STILLS & NASH and could easily find a spot in the Top 10 on the  radio! Nice! «Downpour» closes the album with force: an intense Prog-Rock, rapid and rhythmic, almost like the band's collective energy evacuation!

A album with variety, made with love, passion and a touch of madness. One of my favourite albums of the year!

Of Things and Beings is now available! Visit online stores to buy:

Tracks from the new album Of Things and Beings


Midnight in Venice

Originally written by Vasya for string quartet in July 1992. Rearranged for 4 guitars and recorded by Andy September 2015.

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...For many years, I have appreciated the mostly instrumental music of the gifted duo of Didorenko and Solviev, who have been at the heart of Lost World's music since their debut album Trajectories in 2003. The jousting combination of flute and violin in tracks such as, The Feast from their 2009 Sound Source release, and the title track from their excellent 2006 Awakening of the Elements album have always appealed...

...Didorenko and Solviev have an impressive pedigree, as both are classically trained musicians, having met in music-college. Didorenko has released a number of classical solo albums. This pedigree shows in the challenging quality of the pieces and complex arrangements which make up the instrumental parts of Solar Power. It is a subtly-atmospheric release that twinkles calmly in its numerous reflective moments...
...There are also frequent energised instrumental passages within this often sparkling album, which has many diverse attributes. Chamber prog aficionados should find much to enjoy and delight-in throughout this release. Sun warmed, bombastic passages enliven and stimulate the listener in tracks such as Solar Power, At the Waterfront and Swept Off. These powerfully intense moments shine brightly, and are awash with layers of inspirational playing...

...Solar Power is a welcome addition to the discography of the Lost World Band. It is an appealing album that particularly rewards some judicious track-skipping. Much of the instrumental music is truly excellent and will no doubt find many admirers. If you have not yet encountered Lost World's style of violin-led prog, then I urge you to check them out


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Awakening of the Elements                Revisited


Awakening of the Elements is back, and it sounds better than ever! 


Over the Islands - Demo


Never before heard demo of Over the Islands and Paranoia Blues.



Rondo Concertante


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Sound Source Home Video


Fun video of Lost World Band performing Sound Source in Moscow, May 2010.



Solar Power Artwork

Roman Faynberg's great photos put together with an outtake track from the album - The Grin.



Eight caprices for violin and piano.





Photo album

Latest pics.




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"...LOST WORLD covers a variety of styles, with moods ranging from dark and frenetic to gentle, romantic and pastoral. Because the pieces are generally of modest length, it never gets boring. Soft soundscapes change into riffy moments, violin interplays with flute, complex signatures and shifting moods abound..."  


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