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Awakening of the Elements - Revisited


1. Awakening of the Elements

2. Infinity Street

3. Simoom

4. Over the Islands

5. Scenery with a Guitar

6. Shostoccata

7. States of Mind. Part I

8. States of Mind. Part II

9. States of Mind. Part III

10. Paranoia Blues

11. Collision of the Elements

12. Sky Wide Open


Vassili Soloviev - flute

Andy Didorenko - acoustic and electric guitars, bass, acoustic and electric violins

Alexander Akimov - keyboards, percussion, programming, sound design

Konstantin Shtirlitz - drums


Guest musician: Yuliya Basis – keyboard in Simoom


Written by Andy Didorenko

Mixed and mastered by Alexander Akimov and Andy Didorenko

Produced by Lost World (c) 2006, 2014

Solar Power


01_The Voyage
03_Solar Power
05_At the Waterfront
06_Facing the Rain
07_Run This By Me Again
09_Tongues of Flame I
10_The Grin
11_Tongues of Flame II
12_Your Name
13_Swept Off/Nothing reprise

Konstantin Shtirlitz – drums
Andy Didorenko – all violins, guitars, bass, keyboard, vocals
Vassili Soloviev – flute


Written by Andy Didorenko
Produced by Aleksandr Akimov


Photos by Roman Faynberg
© Lost World Band, 2012


In Concert


1. In the Wilderness

2. Trajectory 1

3. Kaleidoscope

4. Samum

5. The Shore and I/Fall Down

6. Heat Stroke

7. Colorless

8. Awakening of the Elements

9. The Day Has Come

10. Collision of the Elements

11. If You Were the Sun

12. Divertissement


Recorded live in Moscow, December 2, 2009


Vassili Soloviev (vocal, flute, wind controller, guitar, keyboard)

Andrii Didorenko (acoustic and electric guitar, violin, percussion controller)

Konstantin Yudin (keyboards)

Veniamin Rozov (drums, percussion controller)


Words and music – Andrii Didorenko, except (2) – Soloviev/Didorenko

Mixing and mastering - Aleksandr Akimov

Produced by Lost World Band (c) 2010

Lost World Band - Sound Source

1. Hymn – The Intro
2. Sound Source
3. Kaleidoscope
4. Waterworks
5. Hymn
6. The Feast
7. Colorless
8. The Engine That Wouldn’t Start
9. Heat Stroke
10. Naked Starlight
11. In the Wilderness                                                                                                       
12. Divertissement
13. Trapped
14. The Shore and I
15. Blind Escape
16. Travelling Light


Andrii Didorenko – all violins, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, percussion
Veniamin Rozov – drums
Vassili Soloviev – flute
Yuliya Basis – keyboards

All music written by Andrii Didorenko, except (14) – Akimov-Didorenko
Mixing and mastering – Alexander Akimov
Produced by Lost World Band © 2009 

Lost World - Trajectories


1. Trajectory 1

2. Trajectory 2

3. Trajectory 3

4. My Heart Was Crushed

5. Splinters

6. Birds

7. There's Day, Here's Night

8. The Two

9. The Yesterday Night

10. Sirius

11. Hills Are Breaking Into the Ground BUY CD

12. Trajectory Z

13. The Day Has Come

14. The Curtain


Alexei Rybakov - vocal

Vassily Soloviev - flute, guitar

Alexander Akimov - keyboard, percussion, sound engineering

Andrii Didorenko - guitar, bass guitar, electric violin


Music and lyrics by Soloviev-Didorenko, except (10) – Akimov-Didorenko

Mixing and mastering – Alexander Akimov

Produced by Lost World © 2003


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