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Castle in the Air

An alternative version, with Dreamliza on vocal, Yuliya Basis on keyboards, Andy Didorenko on guitars and violin


An album version, with Glenn Welman on drums, Yuliya basis on keyboards, Andy Didorenko on guitars.

Lost World Band


A Moment of Peace


1. Overture 2024

2 .Crumble Down

3. Aflame

4. Chimera’s Jig

5. A Moment of Peace

6. Urban Eye

7. A Touch of Rain

8. Mercurial

9. In a Vortex

10. Castle in the Air

11. The Last Salvo

12. Ashes

13. Chimera’s Jive

14. Near and Far

15. Still Love Now

16. Lighthearted




Music and lyrics by Andy Didorenko


Recorded January 2022 – November 2023


Andy Didorenko, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, violins, percussion, keyboard, backing vocal


Guest musicians:


Yulia Musayelyan, flute (15)

Phoebe Carter, vocal (5, 10, 15)

Jordan Mcqueen, drums (2, 6, 11)

Glenn Welman, drums (3, 8, 9, 16)

James Knoerl, drums (4)



Produced by Alexander Akimov and Andy Didorenko


Cover photo – Yuliya Basis

Cover design – Alexander Akimov


A Moment of Peace - the author's notes


On January 2, 2022, angry and frustrated, yet full of creative energy, I wrote and recorded the beginning of the Crumble Down. I thought it would make a great opening. By the end of January, I had demos of Crumble Down, Chimera’s Jig, Urban Eye, and The Last Salvo completed. That was what I wanted the album to be - a distorted, chromatic guitar rock.


But then, Russia invaded Ukraine, and the album didn’t seem to matter anymore.
A year later, I remembered that Vassili and I had written an anti-war song. It was September 1993, and we were writing heaps of material on a daily basis. Vassili sang in it and played the guitar; I kept the original arrangement practically intact. I also recovered another one of my early songs, dated January 1993. These two, furnished with new lyrics, became A Moment of Peace and Still Love Now, back to life after 30 years.

The album began to take shape. It started with a cheerful yet chaotic overture which abruptly came to a crashing halt. There were flames, a frantic violin lament, and a chimera dancing on the ruins. Several compositions I used are crossovers from my classical pieces. Short and atmospheric, they offer a colorful distraction from the underlying theme.


I played all the instruments I could. For the ones I couldn’t play, I was lucky to find the right people to do it.
As always, I relied on Alexander Akimov and Yuliya Basis for an honest opinion on lyrics, arrangement, and sound. I am the world. But the world is not I.

November 22, 2023, at 2:24 PM, was a fabulous afternoon, very grey and quiet, with scarcely any people on Governors Island - a perfect day for "a moment of peace" cover photo to be taken.


Unlike Awakening of the Elements, this album is not happy listening. It is very personal and real life-related. It is relevant today, and is likely to be relevant tomorrow.


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